Using email marketing software to look after you communication is a must

Using Email Marketing Software To Look After You Communication Is A Must

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In the modern business environment, whether online or perhaps in an offline business, using email marketing software to look after the communication with your customers isn’t just necessary, it has become a critical requirement.

With social network sites exploding in acceptance, and instant messaging becoming prevalent, not communicating with your customers regularly is a critical mistake. Here are three key factors that are important for long term success when using email as a ongoing communication channel between you and your site visitors.

1. Gain trust and brand recognition.

Having a customer directly recognize and trust an email belonging to the company is crucial to any continuing marketing campaign. Utilizing the double opt-in method of signing up to your email list immediately lets your customer know that you have their best interest in mind. This confirms that they absolutely want to receive communications from you and your business. Using email marketing software that provides this key element of confirmation is a crucial first step in gaining trust from your current or site visitors, thus opening the door to sales opportunities in the future.

2. Offer promotions and specials.

With the ability to connect with your customers virtually at the push of a button, you’re able to scale up special offers and time sensitive sales fairly quickly without tons of bulk postal campaigns and postage. This allows you to get the message out today for a unique event tomorrow or over the weekend.

3. Incorporate ongoing tips about your business.

Keeping customers apprised of what your small business is doing on a weekly or monthly basis continues to build the level of trust between you and them. Many businesses have established monthly newsletters that can easily be integrated with an ongoing marketing message. Using a system that has built-in templates for email marketing newsletters should be a big consideration when deciding on what email service to use.

These three necessary factors show that formally making email communication a formal, regular, ongoing communication strategy is a must and is not very hard to do with proper planning. This also means you are performing company branding as normal part of your business which is truly the best way to do it as natural part of your day to day efforts, along with special deals for email subscribers is now a main priority in the active mobile environment. Using email marketing software that can deliver your message can bump profits impressively, and lower your bottom line significantly if ignored.

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Trade europe global: how to build import export business

Trade Europe Global: How to Build Import Export Business

Import Export business or Global Trade is not a new thing. It has been going on for centuries even in the absence of hi-tech technologies. It existed in the era when fast transport like air transport and super fast cargo vessels were unheard of and innovative communication technologies were undreamt of. Still the traders were not deterred and thrived on import export business. The scenario has changed. World has truly flattened out. With the adoption of Economic reforms the concept of free markets is accepted by almost all the countries. The discrimination between developed countries and developing countries no more subsists.

To Build Import Export Business commitment of time and efforts is an important virtue in addition to having the will and initiative to succeed in your import export business. The knowledge of basic parameters like supply demand imbalance, foreign currency rates, statutory licenses and government policies of a particular country are the few other things you must be aware of. Import Export business normally goes hand in hand and generally most of the people in the trade carry out both the activities instead of restricting to only import or export. It is up to you to make a choice.

To Build Import Export Business and make it successful, you must have the knowledge of low cost products and its availability and for which you must have extensive resources. Large business houses often have overseas offices and a team of consultants at other places that cater to their International Trade and global sourcing needs. Availability of limited resources for an individual trader or a small businessman as compared to a giant multi national corporation is normally perceived as a disadvantage. In order to overcome this limitation you have to either stay at home or venture outside of your home countries to carry out Global Trade. But it is not so. The blessings of technological advent in the field of data exchange and communication fields come handy to you in the form of search capabilities.

As a step one to Build Import Export Business complete your studies thoroughly about the basic parameters described in the second paragraph including the strategic study of Global Markets. Step two is to decide whether you want to be an importer or exporter or importer exporter. Step three is to look out for prospective trade opportunities and for that you need search capabilities. Internet is a giant platform full of resources which provides tremendous search capabilities for International Trade.

The Internet provides a platform for a B2B Market Place (Business to Business). It is a tool to carry out International Trade in an easy way. You can carry out various activities related to Global Trade efficiently and economically. One such B2B Market Place is, which is well accepted by traders all over the world for their requirements related to International Trade. This website acts like a global market place, where you can search buyers, sellers, suppliers and products and also reach the Traders.

By making use of the services of you can save your cost by 50%. Faster decision making process is necessary especially when fluctuating commodity prices and foreign exchange rates can play havoc to your profits. This B2B Market Place provides you an upper hand by helping you to take a timely decision. Register yourself on the website with a valid email address so that you can reach hundreds of buyers, sellers, suppliers anywhere in the world.

Building a successful export and import business involves many complicated issues which are to be focused in the right way for which you require the services of an expert or consultant. The website offers you the best expertise and serves you as your consultant on various export and import related matters.

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Content marketing kick-start

Content Marketing Kick-start

Content marketing is a simple alternative to traditional marketing methods. Content marketing is based on using useful, informative or entertaining content in any format to attract and retain customers. It works because it positions you and your business as a trusted resource and encourages prospects to search you out as opposed to you doing all the chasing.

Perhaps equally as important is that it rewards your customers for responding to your marketing. Instead of getting the same old sales pitch they get useful, informative or simply entertaining content.

It’s precisely because it rewards people for their attention that it works so well when combined with other marketing strategies – and smart businesses can use that fact to kick-start their existing efforts. Let’s try an example:

Suppose you run a nice upmarket caf?Your traditional marketing might include things like your ads in the paper or the leaflets you hand out. In terms of content, it’s pretty much a sales pitch along the lines of, “here we are, this is what we offer and isn’t it great.”

None of that really does anything for your prospective customer though. On the other hand, as a content-led business you can make a few small changes to those leaflets or ads that actually gives your prospects something of value – and increases the response rate accordingly.

Start by looking at your ideal customers, what do they want? Could they be interested in healthier alternatives? Saving money? Trying new things? In this case we’ll assume that healthy eating is important to your customers, they want to know how to prepare wholesome meals with minimum fuss.

On that basis you could start by putting together a number of attractive recipes and suggestions for healthy eating. That kind of information is useful in itself and so will appeal to your market much more than a standard sales pitch.

With a strong content idea in place the next step is to incorporate it into those advertisements or flyers. Your ads can be recipes in themselves, designed to be cut out and kept (or at the very least say ‘check out our website for healthy recipes options’). Instead of using traditional flyers or printed menus, you could opt for branded recipe cards – something that people will be more inclined to hang on to.

Done well, your great content makes you the place to go for healthy eating when your prospects couldn’t be bothered to try those recipes themselves. And if they do put your recipes into practice you’ll likely benefit from additional word-of-mouth – provided they taste as good as they look.

In short, if you start with a focus on creating valuable content to attract and keep customers, then bringing that content into your existing strategies is the prefect way to give flagging advertising and marketing campaigns a real kick-start.

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Cost-efficient communications

Cost-Efficient Communications

This April Royal Mail’s rate change will mean that users of franking machine technology can save at least 7p on every second class mailed item (5p on first-class items) compared with using stamps. For small businesses there has never been a bigger incentive to reassess mailing practices.

When it comes to communicating, many small businesses still adopt time-consuming methods that occupy staff time inefficiently. Consider, for example, the time spent buying stamps, folding documents, even licking and sealing envelopes. In smaller businesses, such tasks are often carried out by senior management whose time could undoubtedly be better focused elsewhere.

Technology is available to automate every step of the mailing cycle – from folding and inserting the document, to automatically adding postage through to accurately printing addresses. Aside from freeing-up staff to focus on their jobs, automating these mailing processes can deliver savings of at least 12% on postage costs – a compelling figure for any business.

Further return on investment comes from producing accurate mailings. The latest address management tools and printers ensure the right message reaches the right person, eliminating wastage and increasing the selling opportunity.

Today’s businesses face a very real challenge to capture the attention of the recipient. Franking machine ( ) technology enables users to create their own advertising slogans and to print these onto the envelope exterior. This on-envelope advertising means that brand values and key messages can be conveyed before the communication is even opened. As the tried and tested mantra suggests – you don’t get a second chance to make a first impression. Consumers simply won’t bother with inaccurate or unprofessional documents.

Recent surveys suggest that mail is an optimal medium for driving visitors to websites. This means that the timing of mail communications is critical. If businesses want to use mail to direct customers or prospects to a web promotion, or to follow-up e-mailed offers, the mail must reach the recipient at the right time. Undoubtedly, automating the process makes it far easier for businesses to guarantee that mail-outs will be fully prepared and ready to despatch at the required moment.

Royal Mail’s April rate change should serve as a major incentive for businesses not already automating the mail function to do so. The cost-savings alone are compelling – 5p for every first-class mail piece, 7p if sent second-class. The benefits of mailing automation extend far beyond.

Businesses can begin to produce customer communications that look sharp and professional, that carry the brand or core message on the envelope, and which are produced accurately and effortlessly to encourage greater response and to work in harmony with e-mail and web messaging.

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