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Counter terrorism expert outlines new terrorist targets by the security expert

Counter Terrorism Expert Outlines New Terrorist Targets By The Security Expert

Business owners and directors should take careful notice of recent terrorist incidents in Afghanistan as the ripple effect will continue to spread across the world.

Terrorism and counterterrorism tactics come under the global spotlight this week after the slaying of 5 British soldiers by what the UK military call a rogue Afghani Police officer.

This unprovoked and cowardly attack saw the 5 soldiers shot by one of the Afghan police officers who had been receiving training and mentoring from the British soldiers.

Terrorism and counterterrorism gains prominence as the terrorist alert status escalates in Afghanistan. This, counter terrorism expert outlines new terrorist targets by the security expert article, delves deep into one of two recent terrorism incidents against British Soldiers & UN staff.

Jihad terrorism escalates & new tactics must be implemented for countering terrorism, as terrorism experts ask, “who will protect the protectors.”

Despite putting their lives on the line protecting residents and serving police officers,a treacherous terrorist coward who had been living in a compound with the soldiers opened fire on them as they took a tea break. This coward brought a new form of terrorism threats raising the terrorist alert status up another notch.

The British Prime Minister has informed MP’s that the Taliban admitted responsibility for these killings, and the wounding of eight others in the same attack. He also admitted that the Taliban may have infiltrated the Afghan police force.

Any counter terrorism expert with knowledge of associated jihad terrorism must be wondering how such a breach of basis security enabled a terrorist to gain such close proximity to the British protectors.

Terrorism experts will surely question how such an effective military force tasked with keeping the peace and countering terrorism failed and became terrorist targets.

The security expert is on record as stating that most terrorism incidents can be prevented by implementing strict access control systems. It’s never been any great secret that the Afghan police force is badly paid and incredibly corrupt. Given this freely available information, at the very least the initial threat assessment should have flagged the real probability of Taliban infiltration.

Just about every counter terrorism expert and close protection instructor I have ever known preach the following two basic commandments of countering terrorism to every rookie entering the war on terror arena.

The first rule of combat is…

there are no rules.

The second rule of combat is…

Trust no-one.

Terrorism and counterterrorism has to factor in that perpetrators of terrorism incidents in Afghanistan are primitive warriors’ hell bent of bringing their own version of jihad terrorism into a country crying out to embrace a modern world of freedom and democracy.

International terrorism experts have long taken comfort in the fact that every member of the British armed forces is a highly trained professional military specialist, who is also a volunteer. Supported by our coalition partners, their role in Afghanistan is to facilitate the transition of power to the new Afghan government.

To designate these brave professionals as legitimate terrorist targets is a crime against morality.

At the very least the terrorist alert status has to be elevated for any member of the 41 nation coalition forces operating in any Afghan theatre of operations. These latest terrorism threats have led to Gordon Brown insisting that security will be stepped up.

One of the security expert’s training policies is to conduct a critical analysis after every critical incident. This terrible tragedy is no different. Commanding officers obviously have to re think their entire outlook on countering terrorism and get our brave military personnel back to security basics.

Until our troops and military police officers are trained to understand the relevance of the first rule of combat i.e., there are no rules, and trust no-one, there can be no chance of real security.

Another aspect of training which should be revisited is the subject of security complacency. Our brave troops were operating in a war zone and yet complacency and/or familiarity appear to have set in.

Why else would professional soldiers tasked with combating terrorism in the very heart of the conflict remove their body armour during a break.

Trust no-one is a big issue in relation to terrorism threats, especially those linked to any form of jihad terrorism.

One only has to trawl through some of the main high profile assassinations to understand that terrorism incidents are frequently perpetrated by people who have gained inside access and built a level of trust.

Trust no one, is not some Hollywood movie cliché, it is a basic foundation of good security. If I sound paranoid, then understand that I have been trained to be professionally paranoid by some of the finest terrorism experts in the world.

Every counter terrorism expert will watch the subsequent investigation and the ongoing manhunt for the rogue assassin believed to be named police officer Gulbuddin.

Terrorism and counterterrorism experts understand that despite this terrible tragedy, the ongoing training of Afghan military and police will be a critical aspect of countering terrorism and preventing the increase of western terrorist targets.

The Taliban leadership fear this coalition presence as it has proven to be highly disruptive to spreading their war on terror.

Security Expert Update: 92 UK armed forces personnel have been killed during 2009 which is the highest number of British military personnel killed since 1992 during the Falklands War.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to the families and friends of these heroes who paid the ultimate price of sacrificing their lives, while protecting the lives of others.

This terrible tragedy certainly raising the burning question of, who will guard the guards.

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