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Truth about heavy industry

Truth About Heavy Industry

The most sensitive part of the hand is the wrist because sensitive nerves and blood vessels pass through a very narrow tunnel, close to the surface of the skin and the bones. Any regular movement, or sustained strain will cause damage to the blood vessels and the nerves, and in either case discomfort or pain is likely to result. If not dealt with soon this sustained damage can easily lead to Carpel Tunnel Syndrome, and this can often result in long term problems or even permanent damage being caused which can produce almost constant pain, restrict movement, and even desensitize the hands and fingers, even causing complete numbness in some cases.

But how can work gloves apply to such cases, and manage to offer support and protection whilst not limiting the movement and dexterity needed by the worker? Clearly it would not be practical to suggest trying to type or use a mouse while wearing gauntlets! However, the problem often lies in a lack of awareness on the part of both employers and workers as to the kind of safety gloves available, and the many ways in which they have been carefully designed to provide excellent dexterity and flexibility whilst also providing comfort and support. For example, the Pr 501 Impact Glove can either be considered a fingerless glove or a wrist support.

Fitting snugly round the wrist, and covering the palms and back of the hand it manages to provide a firm support for the wrists. This is important because it means that at all times the wrists are gently but firmly eased and held in the correct position, reducing the risk of excessive wear and tear, and reducing the chances of injury or damage through prolonged poor posture, strain or unnatural repetitive actions. As the fingers are not covered they do not detract from the task in hand, but at the same time ensure that the task can be completed without such a high risk of RSI. For typists, office workers, packers and other workers employed in tasks which are dominated by use of the hands in repetitive, low impact tasks, this is an ideal, long term solution.

It is very easy to dismiss the idea of work gloves as being suitable only for heavy industry, but in fact there are many aspects of work and business in which using suitable safety gloves or wrist supports could make a very great deal of difference. For example, Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI) is responsible not only for a very great deal of discomfort and long term damage, but as a direct result of this is the cause of financial loss to businesses through illness, incapacity, and even legal implications. Whilst it is true that working with heavy machinery, sharp blades or other dangerous tools the wearing of work gloves is essential, but consider those workers who have to carry out less dangerous tasks but on a regular basis.

RSI has been brought very much to people’s attention as we are increasingly seeing large numbers of workers spending longer and longer periods of time sitting still, often at a desk or using a computer, either maintaining the same position for lengthy periods of time or carrying out repetitive movements for many hours at a time. Clearly typing and using a mouse is one example, but there are many others, including parcel packers who may be handling similar repetitive procedures day in day out and who would benefit from some form of wrist support or hand protection.

For packers and un-packers, as well as those employed in light industry or manufacture, wearing work gloves or a form of wrist support such as the Pr 501 Impact Glove can help to protect against a wide range of potential dangers and guard against work related injuries. When lifting, carrying or moving items, even relatively light ones such as books, manuals, small parts or pictures, a great deal of repetitive strain is placed on the wrist. Throw in the possibility of cutting knives for opening sealed packages, or abrasive plastic ribbon so widely used in packaging, and the number of risks increases considerably.

Many workers employed in office work requiring lengthy periods of time sat at a computer have been encouraged to use wrist supports in the form of gel mats or pads. Whilst these do help significantly, in many cases they only reduce the weight of the hand on the forearm, and do little to encourage the correct positioning of the wrists. They might feel comfortable for longer, but ultimately they are not helping to protect the wrist as fully as should be necessary when considering the 90,000 hours most workers will experience in a career.

When protecting workers employed in low impact industries, or even in the office, by buying work gloves or a form of wrist support which will help to protect their health and welfare for longer, make sure you consider the range of opportunities and products now available, all of which have been designed with the long term benefits of workers, employees and businesses in mind.


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