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Turning point facing the domestic clothing brand licensing

Turning point facing the domestic clothing brand licensing

How to bring in the Olympic history of the economic industrial chain looking for new opportunities in the huge business opportunities? According to industry sources, the current Olympic sponsors and other important matters have been settled for the sponsor not included in the list of most small and medium enterprises in China, the brand licensing market will be their task of digging out the next barrel of gold.
As we all know, South Korea Olympic Games has led the overall recovery of Korean brands, but also the rise of South Korea’s brand licensing industry. South Korea ATVenture founder of Mr. Right: “2008 China Olympics, 2010 World Expo and other major event approaches, will lead to market Chinese brands authorized blowout, making Chinese production enterprises pay more attention to the economic benefits of the brand. It is estimated that per capita GDP Each increase of one percentage point, per capita can authorize the product sales increased by 1.4% in 2010, Mainland-authorized service market size will more than 1.5 billion U.S. dollars. “
At present the brand licensing industry’s most advanced in the world authorized by the United States accounted for 50% of industry market share. Authorized goods commissioned by the World Association of Yale University and Harvard Business School’s annual statistical report on worldwide perspective, brand licensing has become an industry of about 200 billion U.S. dollars, and this number is increasing every year. In the “Fortune” magazine listed the 500 large enterprises, more than one-third of the business and brand licensing business related. International Licensing Industry Merchandisers Association, Mr Charles Siruiaotuo (CharlesRiotto) once pointed out that in economically developed countries, such as the U.S., “When you walk in the street, you see everyone who has been authorized at least one commodity. “
It is reported that in the United States, a variety of brand licensed product retail market accounted for 30%, 12% in Japan, and China’s brand licensing business accounted for only 1.2% of the retail market. Hong Kong Merchants official said, “made in China will gradually enter the international market for Chinese enterprises, brand licensing is no doubt of their resort. The upcoming 2008 Beijing Olympic Games is indeed a good opportunity for practice authorization, By understanding the international and domestic good brand licensing business, the depth of cooperation with the international licensed brands, will create their own Chinese enterprises to develop their own brand laid a solid foundation. “
Well, now Chinese clothing brand licensing status of the field is like? And how about the features?
Difficult development
Brand Licensing in China no doubt has a huge market for development, Shanghai Niu Garments Co., Ltd. General Manager Yang Yan Wang in an interview, explained that the authority can market the brand to create a “win-win” situation: on the one hand, to have well-known brands the licensee, the entity can not have a lot of investments quickly and effectively into a new market, and place; the other hand, authorized vendor, the authorization by means of specialized brands without huge investment advertising, perceived by consumers to purchase a well-known brand, and brand awareness with this set a new brand, so as to lower cost and faster speed to market its products; Finally, from a market perspective, Consumers can get a reasonable price high quality brand, and become the direct beneficiaries.
Also because of well-known brand licensing has great profit margin, so the domestic clothing market, brand licensing can be said is unique, quite a few busy commercial street in the exclusive shops and wholesale markets, from Italy, France, the United States and other countries The well-known brands abound, many of them, “Valentino”, “Armani”, “LV”, “Gucci” This kind of brand. But a closer comparison will find that these brands are trademarks and the brands have a slightly different, but almost all brands will show their products are produced by the internationally renowned brands, and has been authorized.
China now attaches great importance to IPR protection, to domestic and international top brands registered trademark of similar difficulty, but also difficult to obtain registration departments. Therefore, the usual practice of these brands in Europe and the United States and Hong Kong registered a “shell” company, will become a famous trademark their company names, company names and brand names confused. Then, then the name of the company authorized to carry out their mandate in the domestic agency.
It is understood that many places in China specialized agencies to provide enterprises with foreign registration of “one-stop” type service, but kind of “authorization” form is more common in the clothing developed areas, access to “international famous brand” produced and authorized by the means of for a very Simple.
At present, many consulting firms can help companies complete in China’s Hong Kong, Britain, France and the United States registered business, the company only submitted to the shareholders of the identity card and registered the company name, half will receive registration issued by the Department of registration certificate and articles of association.
Another person engaged in overseas trade mark agent said that there is a registered trademark and the overseas company has very convenient. For example, in Italy, check fees and registration fees add up to more than 10,000 yuan can be registered, after application to Italy by the company trademark, or to mark the transfer to Italy under the name of the company, it can operate in the country, “said the called ‘brand operation’. “
Moreover, some enterprises simply the first in China to well-known trademark registered in the name of your business, then to Hong Kong registered company, back to the mainland, “commission process” again to register a similar trademark with the trademark logo, then began selling their clones, “world famous.”
Facing the turning point
Although these “world famous” has its own legal identity, in fact, a considerable number of famous brands are not related to the birthplace of registration, nor the World Intellectual Property Organization – Madrid international trademark registration organizations to register. In other words, many clone brand in China is legitimate, the fundamental lack of recognition in the international arena.
And as China’s intellectual property protection and related laws and regulations to further improve the cloning of “world famous” will be increasingly difficult to survive. According to relevant laws and regulations, if the fraudulent use of another’s trademark without authorization, the amount of major, will be transferred to the judiciary, pursue their legal obligations.
Although, for the shell companies registered overseas to return to do an authorized agent of the situation, due to evidence difficulties in the business sector, so a to regulate the business alone, very difficult. But as more and more attention to some of the domestic market, international brands, also because in real authority authorized by the brand name often enter the market, “perfectly justifiable” playing the international brand name to sell products, but the poor quality and seriously affected the image of rough These “international brand” the true image.
In the minds of consumers, the brand has been a lot of fake real annihilation, and at the same time, these so-called “international brand” because of their intense competition of similar products, the market decreases, as the royal families, like once your brand to Valentino in 2003, and had to withdraw from the Chinese market, then a large number of false Valentino once in the domestic market to grow. It is understood that a variety of domestic to Valentino add prefixes, suffixes, the brand name appears no fewer than 200. To Valentino, but now they add a variety of prefixes, suffixes, only a few brands in the domestic market is still in existence, and
more for various reasons but disappeared in the Chinese market.
With the huge Chinese market activity and consumer space, more and more international brands and brand began self-authorized way into this market, because of the rapid spread of fashion information, and quite a number of consumer clothing brand understanding, know what kind of brand is a truly international brand, who through the so-called “brand management”, “justifiably” playing the international brand name to sell products, brands will gradually be more consumers abandon, and those who really well-known international brands and national brands for the Chinese market for more mature and wide development space, this is undoubtedly true brand authorized to bring a new round of development opportunities. This will lead to the current so-called “brand management” type of brand licensing, will be the true sense of the gradual encroachment of brand licensing, which also spawned a number of brand licensing management company in China to accelerate the development of branded apparel market therefore authorized inflection point is clearly shown in the front.

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